Refined Resources International

Refined Resouces International (RRI) is a small business entity that was established with the objective of locating, evaluating, and securing reliable sources for consistent high quality raw materials, chemicals, and packaging products. With its members representing a combined 120 years of experience in mining, processing, and global sourcing, RRI is uniquely positioned to help both small and medium sized companies develop a supply chain into China and other countries. RRI‘s staff is made up of experienced professionals who have worked in an industrial environment and who fully understand the need for securing high quality products at competitive prices. Relationships in China, Jamaica, Brazil and Mexico, as well as other foreign countries, have provided RRI with the opportunity to establish many solid and reliable business contacts. By partnering with our contacts, RRI has the capability to quickly determine if products can be sourced from suppliers who meet the high standards set by RRI. If your company is looking for ways to reduce cost, let RRI evaluate your raw material, chemical, and packaging requirements to determine if your company can benefit from participating in a global business opportunity.